Imaginary Friends

I’m headed to Dallas-Ft. Worth this coming Wednesday to meet up with some friends that I’ve been communicating with online at a scrapbooking message board since 1999. I’ve met some of them before, and some I haven’t. But I can guarantee that we’re going to have a wonderful time with much laughter — I’m looking forward to it!

Alice is going with me since she’s nursing. Helen is staying here with Daddy and grandparents. The longest I’ve been away from Helen is about 45 hours. This trip will more than double that record.

By day four, I’ll probably be curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, and sucking my thumb, speaking in toddler gibberish.


Helen is a very light sleeper if it is daylight. She sleeps like a rock in the dark.

One of the things that prevents me from putting Alice’s crib into Helen’s room is that Alice currently wakes up VERY early for breakfast… like between 5 and 6 in the morning. And I don’t want her to be waking Helen up at that hour, because that means that I will have to get up, too. Ugh.

Of course, if Alice squawks after sunrise, Helen is instantly awake. Which is what happened this morning. Alice started her morning Happy Noises, and Helen was in our bedroom taking off her diaper almost immediately.

I am soooooo sleepy. Hopefully since it’s Saturday I can catch a nap sometime today. That would be lovely.

Dressing My Children

I have a sickness. I like to dress my children in crisp cotton dresses that I’ve made out of high-end quilting fabric. Not just any fabrics, mind you, I must dress them in the most obnoxious colors I can find. I don’t know why I do this. They’re going to hate me one day. In the meantime, however, people are always commenting on how nice my children look in their cute little clothes.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Alice hasn’t really worn much handmade yet — I didn’t start sewing for Helen (basically, I didn’t get my shit together so I’d have time to sew) until she was about 9 months old. So all of the nice handmade stuff is from that time and after. Alice is just now coming into that age, so the hand-me-downs have started. It’s fun, really — to get to revisit beloved outfits I made two years ago.

But I can’t leave it there. No, of course not. I have now ventured into the abyss of making coordinating clothes for my children. My current project? I’ve made Helen a shirt-and-pants outfit out of blue and yellow batiks. Now I’m making Alice a matching dress — so they coordinate but they’re not actually wearing the same design.

If I had twins, would I dress them the same? No. But these children are very obviously not the same age. So I don’t see it as a problem. And Helen thinks it’s really cool to match right now.

Growing up I remember a woman at church who had two daughters about two years apart. She would make dresses for the girls out of the same fabrics, but the dresses would be different patterns (or styles) so that they’d still be unique. And sometimes the mom had a matching dress or blouse, too. I remember thinking that was really neat, and that I hoped I could do that one day.

So while my husband may think it’s weird, I’m getting to fulfill a childhood dream of sorts. Kind of neat, really. And my kids look adorable. Right? RIGHT?!