A complete play, in 12 lines

I’m at the Alabama Thespian Festival as a chaperone, and yesterday I went to a playwriting workshop. The guy leading the workshop had us write 12 lines of dialogue  that would establish character and conflict. I was pleased with mine.

“Can I go see a movie with Matt and Kevin this weekend?”

“You’ve done your homework?”

“… I did my math.”

“That’s all of your homework? Don’t you have an English paper?”

“…not due until Wednesday.”

“Have you started it?”

“…in my head.”

“You’ve started… in your head.”

“In my head, yeah. Sounds stupid when you say it.”

“You haven’t … written any of it.”

“Well, I kinda have an outline. ….so, can I go?”

“I’m kinda… thinking of an answer… in my head.”