4 weeks in and I’ve gone berserk.

So I decided to participate in the #31dayblogchallenge a month ago, wondering if I could manage.

I’ve managed: Check out that December Calendar over there! ——–>

Every  day that’s blue means that I’ve posted that day ALL OF THEM so far!

… So being here every day has meant that I’ve gotten tired of looking at the stuff that’s so out of date.

I spent today cleaning things up, rearranging the sidebar over there, adding new widgets and plugins, and figuring out to get direct links to where you can buy my patterns onto the page. It’s not a perfect solution — right now you click to pages on this site and then click again to get to Etsy and Payhip, but it’s better than the nothing I had before. Go me!

Writing every day has been good for me. Not every post is something I’ll get nostalgic about when I read it again in 5 years, but I’m glad to revisit blogging. It’s good for me and it stretches me.