New Outfit

Well, then.

This morning in my TimeHop app, I saw a two-years-old screenshot of a very excited Me writing about the long-awaited new look to this blog.

Um. That’s pretty much what it looked like this morning, except that I took the Flickr widget off the right sidebar because I quit posting stuff to Flickr when their user interface jumped the shark.

Other than that? It’s been unchanged and stagnant since 2 years ago, including “2014 Works in Progress” being one of the global menus. Oops.

So… I downloaded a few free WordPress themes, did live previews of them with some new artwork that I’ve been playing with yesterday and today, and things look a little different around here now. You’re welcome. I hope that the three of you reading this like it… And as my Illustrator skillset improves, I’ll make the graphics better, too. And maybe I’ll even update menus and tags and stuff but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The best part? I did all of this today ALL BY MYSELF without asking my in-house web geek to do it for me. HUZZAH.