So this time of year is always nuts with respect to traffic, right?

Grocery stores are always clogged when Christmas is three days away. 

For the past few days, the weather guessers have been saying that the weather could get bad on Wednesday. This morning my Facebook feed was littered with meteorologists’ projections that tornados are not only possible tomorrow, they’re likely. Likely. Awesome. That should get Huntsville drivers whipped into a frothy lather. 

Huntsville has grown a lot (a LOT) in the last year or three. There are a lot more cars on the road anyway. On a random Tuesday in June. 

Yesterday it was rainy and gross all day, so I didn’t go run the last few errands that I needed to go run. 

Today I had to go out. 

Tornado forecast plus Christmas looming made for REALLY crowded streets (for us), irritable drivers, and packed grocery stores with even more irritable shoppers.

The short burst of errands I had took about twice as long as normal, and just getting back to my house was a lesson in problem-solving as traffic was too backed up for two entire exits that I would normally take. I made it finally, but yeesh. 

Lots of non-Huntsville plates all over, clogging our usually-empty streets. 

I guess Huntsville isn’t a well-kept secret anymore.