Caffeine Bag for Rene

Recently I made the Noodlehead SuperTote pattern with an improv caffeine molecule for my friend Rene, who teaches chemistry. It was fun, and I think it turned out really well!  


7 thoughts on “Caffeine Bag for Rene”

  1. Elaine,

    What is the lining fabric? I hope it is still available. Rene is going to absolutely love it!

  2. It’s a Riley Blake fabric… “______ Novelty” by Becky Marie Designs (c)2015… (my selvedge is cut off so I don’t know what comes before “Novelty” in the name of it. I bought it at while I was actually in the brick and mortar shop in August. 🙂

  3. Elaine,

    Thank you so much. I did find it and Pink Castle and Hawthorne Threads have some left. Not much of the collection is left, but I am just glad to be able to order what they do have.

    What a treat to be able to go to the actual Pink Castle. All my fabrics have to be purchased online and sometimes it is good and sometimes, not so much.

    Thanks again! Can’t wait to get them.

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