Coming soon…. Tutorials!

Update to an old favorite… 

I have redrawn the images for the Mad as a Hatter tutorial (since I have published the pattern in more sizes), so I’m hopeful that I can get the better/clearer tutorial posted very soon. I’d do it now but the wifi in my current location isn’t predictable, so I’m not sure how easily they’d upload.

I also spent some time yesterday drawing diagrams for another tutorial that I’ll be writing soon (maybe tomorrow?) that is for a neat pattern made entirely from a package of charm squares and 2.5″ strips. I even have information for how to turn it into a large throw by setting the blocks on point. 

Here are the two versions:

In the first one, I included all of the small pieces that I had left at the end — and that’s all of the excess.  

In the second, I had more strips and more squares, and I added setting triangles around the blocks. The quilt design looks very different depending on the fabrics you choose to use and the setting. 

I hope you’ll come back to see the tutorials soon!