Q3 Goals: looking forward

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Here’s my only-slightly-different list from the last few quarters…

1. Smoke Damage. I completely ignored this one during Q2.

Smoke Damage Cathedral Windows, 2012
Smoke Damage Cathedral Windows, 2012

2. His. About half-quilted now. Also completely ignored during Q2.


3. Peacock. I’ve started quilting it, and I’m not quilting it too densely either (shocker!) so it might actually get finished in this lifetime.


4. Underwater scene. Still scared of this but actually got it out of the closet yesterday so it will be more annoying and might actually get pushed into the queue.

Storm At Sea Experiment
Storm At Sea Experiment

5. Zebratown. It’s at Mom’s house. Still. All the way over THERE.

ZebraTown, 2008
ZebraTown, 2008

6. Hers. No progress.


7. Placemats using up my leftover fabrics from two quilts… There are 12 placemats and 2 table runners. *sigh*


8. Mystery Quilt from a a few years ago… Backing has been made and batting is ready too. Just need to baste it so I can start.

HQH Mystery 2011
HQH Mystery 2011

9. Grand Illusion. Quilting has started! Quilting this one pretty simply (though still custom since I don’t like to do all-over quilting designs when I have spent SO much time piecing a quilt), so it won’t take terribly long once I get back to it.

grand illusion top

10. Modern Circle Illusion. Will be a miniquilt or a pillow cover. Haven’t decided.


 11. Tree Skirt. Need to finish this one by a workshop I’m teaching on the 18th. Pattern will be released hopefully by the end of the month. I’m excited about this one!

Tree Skirt

 12. In Need of Repair.


 13. Improv Circles. Machine quilting has been done and I’ve started hand-quilting with Perle cotton.


 14. Swoon Class Samples… Into… uh… a baby quilt?

15. Mad as a Hatter, redux. I’m writing up the full pattern and updating the tutorial, so I made another baby quilt to see if I needed to adjust my instructions. Learned a lot. Won’t take long to finish this one. 


Summer will be winding down for me soon, so my intense productivity will also slow down. I’ve enjoyed it, but I think my hands will enjoy the respite for a while.  And I don’t have more patterns in development, so perhaps going back into Meetings Season will bring more about. I do tend to do my best doodling during meetings. 



Q2 Progress: looking back…

Reporting in on my Finished Projects from Q2 (April – June):

1. Mary’s Tessellation UFO: FINISHED.


2. Thank You, Natalia: FINISHED!
3. A Semma Tree. FINISHED!


4. Log Cabin Star. FINISHED!


5. Fibonacci Circles. FINISHED!


In addition to the above finishes that were on my original list of goals… I also finished these during Q2:

6. Queen of Fibonacci Squared.


7. Oakshotts Table Runner.



8. Patriotic Table Topper as a pattern sample for my upcoming pattern.



9. Friday’s Quilt.



10. Mono-Log Cabin (which apparently I’ve not taken finished photos of yet… must fix that)



11. PostScript — sample for a free-motion quilting class I might be teaching this fall.



So I’m kinda pleased… My UFO pile is shrinking even as I start new projects frequently, and that’s pretty great. Net change is negative, and my sewing room gets less and less cluttered because of it. Awesome. 🙂