Friday’s Quilt

….and no, I’m not talking about the cat.  

 Some time ago I cut apart my Kona swatches like I’ve seen people doing online, and I pulled this color grouping.   

Isn’t it delicious?


So I drew a rough sketch a few weeks ago, and on Thursday of last week I pulled out my trusty Prismacolors. Then I couldn’t wait to make it.


Last Friday night after dinner I put it together. I forgot to take pictures during the process because I was so into it. I did have to change the colors in a few sections because I didn’t have the right green in my stash, but I stayed very close to the sketch. 


At midnight, it was all one piece, measuring about 28″x38″ before quilting. It took me a while to settle down so I could go to sleep, because my heart was racing. 


On Saturday, I layered it and started quilting. I free-motion quilted each section in a thread that matched, using organic (wobbly) lines. Rather than traveling at the end of each line, I broke and buried thread. It took a lot of time and was rough on my back but I think the effect was worth it. 


The further I got into the quilting, the more excited I got. 

I didn’t have the perfect thread for every section, but except for the lightest brown, I could make do with what I had.


Thread burying went on foreverrrrrrr. 


But it was looking so cool! This is the back, after I had finished the quilting. I ended up going and getting the right color brown from Mom’s house, but it’s such a bland color I’m surprised she had anything either. 


And here’s the finished quilt! When squared up, it measures 27.5″x34.5″ and I love it!!


Most sections were straight lines but I did quilt spirals in a few sections and an L-shape in one part, and I love the interest these little changes give the piece. 

I matched the top and bobbin threads and I love that the ghost of the front is visible on the back. And even though it was a pain, I love that the thread lines just stop rather than traveling on the edges of each patch. 


It was so exciting for me to watch this come together so quickly and so easily. I pieced it with gentle curves and I was able to get it flat without struggle. I actually had almost all of the right threads… And Jerry was SO encouraging about the process as I made this one because he could see how wound up I was about it.

I don’t know its name yet though. It arrived so quickly I didn’t have a chance to think of one. Suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Quilt”

  1. Ohh, fantastic quilt! I can see why you would be so fired up making it. It makes me think of a photo of farmland taken from the sky – Aerial View?

  2. Love, love it! I wish I could make something like that, it’s like a work of art, a painted picture. Congrats.

  3. Fantastic. I love the colors; the browns give richness and definition without being too stark. All your extra effort to bury the threads is very effective! Such an organic process and result, the words vibrant, authentic, and vibe come to mind.

  4. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to make another piece like this very soon. I may do less planning next time and see where it takes me.

  5. It’s not as difficult as I anticipated it would be– the pieces went together quite well and I only had a few wobbly trouble spots on the edges where I had to take little darts to get it to flatten.

  6. Elaine, what a success! I really like the way you used a solid on the back and let the front appear on the back. And, I can’t believe you buried your threads!!! Great job!

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