The Muse has me by the throat

Last week, I cut strips off of some fabrics as I wrapped them on magazine boards so I could put them away in my stash (pictured below) (btw– if you are considering doing this, DO IT. I can see what I have and I’m inspired to USE it and isn’t that’s what we want to do??)

ANYWAY. I cut strips off of my fabrics and put the boards away, and then one night last week I just started sewing strips together. I believe I may have posted about that.    The next night, I had 7 feet of strips sewn together.  

I have plans for these. But then I got distracted. 

I don’t know why this suggests the Golden Gate Bridge to me. I guess it’s the red-orange?


Then, I was distracted from my distraction. 

I will post about that tomorrow … When I have better lighting for photos. 

In the meantime, I’m enjoying this, even though it’s somewhat exhausting. 

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