School’s out!

My first order of business when school is out is to upright the house and try to get my sewing room back into a more functional setup… This involves cleaning up the slow way by seeing stuff that’s been pinned or pre-cut, so that I can move forward. This basket now has hundreds of Tri-Recs triangles, flying geese, four-patches, and half-square triangles all sewn together. They look pretty together but weren’t originally meant to go into one quilt. I’ll play with them soon now that they’re made and not in parts anymore.  

I’m planning to try some new improv stuff very soon, and I do get to play a bit while I get things back in order… Last night, for example, I made these strip sets:  


No big plans for those. I wondered something. Now I don’t. Those squares are only 4.5″ finished so I don’t think I’ll do anything else with them but I have a better developed idea for a future project because of them. 

I also made these strip sets: 
Much more interesting! I’m going to make more of them tonight in the same colors. Not sure what I’ll do with them but they’re pretty. 

Today I made this 16″ swoon block to remind myself how I did those when I made Alice’s quilt a few years ago, since I’m demoing this block in three sizes in a couple weeks. I’ve never made a scrappy one so I’m very pleased with how this turned out!


More later…. Once I’ve gotten things back in working order. In the meantime, the design wall looks a little schizoid. But I kinda love that too.