Finished: A Semma Tree

I finished this one a few weeks ago… It will need to be carefully blocked before it can hang in any shows, because it’s a bit wavy from all of the handling during the finishing process. I do love how it turned out, though!  


I chose to face the edge rather than binding it, so that the Aqua would be the final frame… And also because I didn’t have any more of that fabric to make a binding with. There are two layers of batting in this quilt so getting the edge to turn to the back was a bit of a challenge, but I did prevail. Woohoo!      

I love how the image of the tree ghosts when you look at the back.   

And one final look. Love love love this quilt.  

9 thoughts on “Finished: A Semma Tree”

  1. Elaine,

    Love your quilt and am curious about your technique. Could you post a step-by-step some time?

    I am fairly new to following your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Sure! I’ve got to get a few class samples done but I plan to do another improv piece soon, so I’ll try to take photos as I go. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Just discovered your work and your blog via a Facebook post by Bolt about your Escapade quilt. Such fantastic work! I’m wondering if you have a long arm quilting machine? Your work is top notch and very inspirational. This Semma Tree and the Escapade quilt are my favorites (so far but I’m still scrolling through your blog posts!)

  4. I’m not familiar with Bolt– where can I find it on Facebook?

    I quilt on a 2009 HandiQuilter16 sit-down quilting machine without a stitch regulator. It has no computerization other than needle up/down and speed, but we know each other well now after many hours spent quilting. One day I would love to have a long-arm but space, time, and finances are a concern now so it’ll have to wait. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Thank you so much. I was absolutely a conduit for the Muse on this one. Just along for the ride. I’ve never had a quilt “make itself” like this one did. I hope I get to experience that kind of synergy again in my lifetime.

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