Holiday Placemats: Finished! (and a bonus!)

As mentioned in my Finish Along 2014 Post from October, I had quite a few things on my list of unfinished projects. Here’s one that I’m really glad to have completed!

I finished the Holiday Placemats! There are a set of 8, which can be broken into two sets of four. I especially love the candy cane binding that they each have.

Holiday Placemats, finished!

I also had a bolt of inspiration one afternoon and designed this 25-sided polygon. I’ve also designed an extension for it so that if the center is left out it can be made into a 44″-in-diameter Christmas tree skirt. An acquaintance is pattern-testing that for me and I will have the pattern ready to go hopefully by the end of January.

25-sided polygon (icosakaipentagon!) Holiday Table Topper Holiday Icosakaipentagonal Table Topper Holiday Icosakaipentagonal Table Topper, back

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