Glory finished!

I also finished “Glory” in late August.





I lost my patriotic quilt in the fire, and it always stings more around 9/11 since that’s why I made the original one. So I made this one, not to replace the one I lost but to have a new chapter, I guess. I love the way it turned out. And the fabrics were a gift from my friend Nonda– a reminder that our friends are the ones who carry us through the tough stuff sometimes.

The day after I put the last stitch into the binding of “Glory,” I found the tattered label of the destroyed quilt. I will attach it and a printed label with a photo of the old quilt to the back of this one.






2 thoughts on “Glory finished!”

  1. Both quilts are lovely. I’m sorry for your loss in the fire. I hope you find comfort in the new quilt. I adore your work.

  2. Thank you so much. It amazed me how healing it was to have another patriotic quilt. I didn’t realize how much I needed one back in my life. Makes sense, though.

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