Q2 Finish-Along goals…

Last quarter I made a goal to finish 5 quilts, and I managed to finish all 5. Three of them I finished in the last month, mostly due to Spring Break falling right before the deadline.

This quarter I’m going to make a bigger goal and see if I can make it.

Here are the quilts I hope to finish, in no particular order:

1. Southwest Merry Go Round. It’s partially quilted, and then we moved back home and I haven’t touched it in almost 2 years. It shouldn’t be too difficult to finish this one up.

Southwest Merry Go Round
Southwest Merry Go Round

2. Economy Blockalong Quilt. This one is layered and ready to quilt as of Sunday night.



3. Confetti Quilt. Also layered and ready to quilt as of last Sunday.


4. Smoke Damage. This is ready for 3D embellishments, but it’s emotionally difficult to work on. Or maybe it isn’t but I just keep expecting it to be so I don’t work on it. I don’t know… But I need to spend some quality time with this piece.


5. Five Pillow Covers. There are several of these (3 swoon blocks, plus a few other orphan blocks). I’ll just consider the 5 pillow covers one finish if I get them all done. Shouldn’t take terribly long to finish them — at least two of them are already quilted.


6. Figgy Pudding Scrappy Trip. This one needs a backing, and needs to be layered and quilted. Maybe I’ll get the backing done at retreat this weekend.



7. This is a top secret plan for our guild challenge this summer. I’m putting this old quilt top here as a placeholder since I can’t post pictures of my idea until after the challenge (which is in June and before the Q2 deadline).


8. Peacock Quilt: I am going to sew the backing together this weekend and then continue to procrastinate layering it since I have to either go to school on a weekend and spend an afternoon crawling around on my classroom floor, or I’ll have to go to church on a weeknight. Neither of those options sound appealing, but I don’t have a large enough patch of floor in my house to baste this one. It’s enormous.


9. His. Layered and ready to quilt.


10. Hers. Needs more blocks. A friend sees a Picasso-style face in this arrangement, so I may try to stay with that. It’ll be interesting to see how this one develops.



11. Glory. Needs a backing, but I have the batting for it. Planning to piece the backing this weekend.


12. Mystery Maze. Guild mystery quilt from a few years ago. It needs borders, and then backing/layering/quilting.

HQH Mystery 2011
HQH Mystery 2011

13. Under the Sea. I’m terrified to quilt/threadplay this one. No clue why.

Storm At Sea Experiment
Storm At Sea Experiment

14. Tessellation quilt. Needs backing/layering/quilting.

Tessellation quilt, unknown start date
Tessellation quilt, unknown start date

15. ZebraTown. It’s about half quilted. I haven’t touched it in 5 years. My skill level has improved so much that I think working on it again will be weird — there will be a definite shift in how the quilting looks, but whatever.

ZebraTown, 2008
ZebraTown, 2008


OK. I’ll stop there. I have a few more in the queue but these are the big ones that have been started that I need to move along to get out of the pipeline.


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  1. Great bunch of quilts. I love them all. I hope you have a productive weekend and accomplish all you plan!

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