Something Out of Nothing Guild Presentation

Last night I was the program speaker for the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville’s monthly meeting. I put together a PowerPoint slideshow and talked over it (trying not to read the text on the slides but instead add another layer of information as each photo was on the screen)… It was a lot of fun for me to give this talk, and it made me really look at how I approach my quilting and how that has changed and evolved with the events that my life has presented. I love the path I am on right now, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Here’s the presentation, including imperfections that I noticed as I was giving the talk last night, if you’re interested. It’s long, but some slides were up for less than 30 seconds so I hope it didn’t feel too long to those at the meeting. People stayed to the end, so I felt like it went well.

Something Out of Nothing Slide Presentation (PDF form)

On Saturday I will be teaching a workshop on one of the quilts in the slideshow (the President’s Quilt that I assembled for Peggy Bridgeman), and I’m really looking forward to it. The workshop is full, which thrills me. I hope that I will get to teach many more, so I’m really looking forward to the learning experience of teaching a quilting workshop. I love to teach, and I love quilting, so I’m excited to combine the two loves. I’ve taught quilting classes before, but never to as many people at once. This should be very exciting.

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