The Manic Two Weeks of Sewing Between Semesters

So the semester ended December 20 when we gave our final exams and spent a frenzied 24 hours grading them before the deadline. I came home and slept it off and then hit the sewing machine.

I spent the 23rd and 24th sewing matching outfits for the girls and their dolls, which they ended up wearing to Christmas Eve services. That wasn’t the original plan but they were so thrilled that I couldn’t really refuse.


Then once Christmas unwrapping and cooking and and and was done, I was hit with the annual realization that omgionlyhaveoneweekbeforeschoolstartsagainbetterenjoyitwhileican and I dove in head first into the quilting of a quilt that has been intimidating me for over two years.


And it’s turning out better than I ever pictured it in my head! I won’t likely be able to call this my final finish of 2011 but it won’t be too long into 2012 when I get the binding on it. The interior is almost entirely quilted now. I’m flummoxed about what to do in the outer border but I’ll figure it out. Right? Right?!

It’s also not as Christmasy as I originally had planned for it to be (it was going to have poinsettias quilted in all the open spaces but I did one and wasn’t totally satisfied so I ripped it out). I don’t see the season ambiguity as a bad thing– I can use it more than just in December this way.

One more week until I go back to school. I miss having time to sew in long stretches like this.