More Swaps from 2011

Here’s the one I did for the last Mug Rug Swap earlier this year… It was about 8.5″x10.5″ with 80 (!!) half-square triangles. With all the quilting, it was pretty stiff, but I was SO happy with it. The person who got it seemed to like it as well. 🙂

Zig Zag Rug


And then I was in a Doll Quilt Swap in March. This one was harder for me, because I was having a difficult time focusing at that time with all the other stuff going on in my life. But I managed to meet the deadline and get the little quilt sent off. I intended to make a blue/green quilt, but then the orange fabric with daisies appeared and I was completely distracted. The recipient’s photo is better than mine, so here’s a picture Tiffany posted of it around Easter:

Doll Quilt

I almost liked the back better than the front:


So now I’m stalking Flickr to see when the next Doll Quilt Swap is and when the next Mug Rug Swap is (even though the current round isn’t quite over yet)… I really like working in these small sizes because I can try out a technique without a huge commitment and know if it’s something I want to explore more.

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  1. I got them from about 6-7 years ago. They’re woven, and reasonably-priced. Love having them — SO much simpler than writing them seven times until I don’t screw up. HA!

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