The Summer of the Big Finish

I haven’t had a Finishing Frenzy in a while. So I’m going to have one this summer. I’ve decided. Mostly because my UFO list has gotten too long.

So. Here’s what’s on the docket. My goal is to finish at least five. The first one is the one I HAVE to have done by the time I leave for my niece’s graduation, but the others are in no particular order:

1. Brandi’s graduation quilt (top is done, will pin-baste tomorrow)
2. Tulips king-sized quilt (in process of being machine quilted)
3. Stormy Night (in process of being machine quilted)
4. Air Show (top made, back made, ready to be pin-basted)
5. Poinsettia (the name is because I will quilt them into the open areas) (this one is layered and ready for quilting. I’m just chicken)
6. Too Jazz Hands for Jerry (top made, needs a back)
7. MSH’s Storm at Sea (commissioned piece with no deadline) (top made, needs a back)
8. Houses (top made, trying to decide if it needs a border or if I’m done)
9. Mystery Quilt (top is not done yet, will need a back)
10. Mod Bento Box (top is not done yet, will need a back)
11. Mom and Me (borders need to be attached, needs a back)
12. Alison’s Table Runner (top is not done yet, will need a back)
13. Merry Go Round Goes Southwest (top is done, needs a back)
14. Waterfalls Nine-Patch (top is done, needs a back)
15. Tessellations quilt (top is done, needs a back)

I also would like to start the Linus (our Collie) quilt that I’ve been percolating about for the past 6 years. It’s time. He’s 10. I don’t want this to be something I’m making while I grieve.

And I’d like to create/develop a quilt block using the Fibonacci sequence. I’ve experimented twice, but it’s time to actually DO it for the front of a quilt.

And I just thought of two more that are in process, but the tops aren’t done yet. I’ll post photos of those later, but they’re lower down on the food chain than these are. 🙂

You all have permission to heckle me about my progress on these.