Class of 2011

(photo courtesy of Randolph School)

So today was graduation after a very strange year of bizarre weather and more than two weeks of missed school days this spring.

Graduation started at 10 on the commons behind the school, and lasted until noon. When I got in my car and drove home at the end, the temperature outside was 87F and I know the humidity was 60%.

In other words, it was miserably hot.

Truly, I probably shouldn’t have driven home. I was dehydrated, in spite of the water bottles that were placed under the faculty chairs, dizzy, and nauseated. I changed out of my wet clothes and took a cool shower when I got home to get my temperature back down to a normal level. I drank several glasses of water and then went with Jerry and Helen to lunch. I didn’t really want to eat — nothing sounded good at all — but I had a wrap sandwich and chips and salsa at Jason’s Deli. And unsweet tea — I figured that sugar probably wouldn’t help me at this point. Then I came home and took a nap for a few hours.

Still had a headache, dizziness, and some nausea when I woke up.

More water and dinner later, I’m feeling a bit better. Still lethargic, but at least not like I felt around lunchtime.

And I wasn’t wearing a dark suit like all of the male teachers and admins.

I really hope that they will reconsider using this venue for next year’s graduation. Yes, it’s pretty. It makes for nice pictures. But holy COW it’s totally miserable at that time of day at this time of year. Air doesn’t circulate at all with the tall buildings on three sides of the commons, so it’s just dreadful.