House Arrest

Wonky Log Cabins so far

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Stomach Flu hit our house this week. I won’t bore you with the details about THAT, but while the girls have been in miserable lethargic little heaps watching Disney Movie Marathons, I’ve been playing on the sewing machine (and occasionally cleaning up a little bit, but I think I’ve made more of a mess than I’ve conquered).

I’ve made 6 of these pretty little blocks this week, and they’re SO fun and fast to do! 🙂 I can definitely see an addiction starting. They appeal to my funky-shapes-within-a-rigid-structure side — I ALWAYS react to quilts made this way, and yet I’ve never actually made one.

Trying to decide if I’ll keep making big blocks like this or if I’ll start making a bunch of ’em in different sizes just to keep it interesting. I think I may go with different sizes and see what happens. They may end up together, they may not.

In any case, the pile of bright fabrics all over the floor in here is probably a fire hazard.