Baby Quilt for Katherine

Over three years ago, I wrote about an angel in my life, Diane.

This fall, she had a little girl that she named Katherine. I made baby Katherine a little quilt and finished it yesterday.

Because she will grow up knowing my girls, I used fabrics left over from favorite clothes I’ve made for my children, so she’ll be wrapped in their hugs every time she’s cuddling with this quilt. Yes, this quilt is obnoxiously pink, but Diane has wanted a girl forever, so I imagine that little Katherine will be bathed in a sea of pink as long as she’s willing. And I think that’s wonderful.

Baby Quilt for Katherine

I can’t wait to wash it and see what personality it takes on when the batting shrinks up a little. I’ll probably even post another photo.

Of course, I put one of my little tags on the back of it.

Baby Quilt for Katherine, back

It has my name and my quilt gallery website ( woven into it. Love those little tags. Need to update the website.

And before you ask, yes, I finished ANOTHER one today. I’ll take pictures in natural light tomorrow and post it as well. I think there ends the streak, however… I don’t have any more that are within a day of finishing unless I do sloppy work. So alas… I’ll have to move at a more reasonable pace.

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