Therapeutic Nine-Patch, better photos this time

Here’s (most of) the whole thing — as much as Jerry could get with his arms fully extended above his head without standing on a ladder. It was COLD outside today so we weren’t out there for very long.

Here’s a closeup of the backing and binding so you can see the quilting design a little more easily (since the thread contrasts with the back).

A folded-up view (I love love love pictures of quilts like this for some reason, and the dirty porch is even better against the crisp and clean white of the quilt):

And a darkish one so that you can see the quilting from the top better. I only quilted in the white squares, leaving the patterned ones raised. LOVE the simplicity that it gave to the finished piece. I have a tendency to quilt very densely so it was a refreshing change not to do that this time, especially since this one very definitely didn’t need dense quilting.

Quilting View

I’ll admit that I’m a bit skeptical of how well a mostly-white quilt will do in this house. I tend not to use white at all because of the dogs and the kids dragging quilts everywhere. But that’s what laundry detergent is for, right? I just hope it continues to be well-loved. Helen is very excited that I’m finished with it.