Thursday night, Mom and I took the girls and headed up to Crossville, TN to see the girls’ cousins Brandi and Lauren in the final day of their gymnastics camp.

We got there at 9 and watched warmups, and then watched two rotations of workouts while the girls did balance beam, vault, bars, floor exercise, and then open gym. The camp is run by 2 former Olympians, and the staff was amazing to watch. There were probably about 200 kids there, and coaches gave every single one of them personal attention.

Aside from the bickering in the car, it was a good trip and I’m very glad that we went. Brandi and Lauren didn’t know that we were coming, so I think it meant a lot to them when they saw us come in and sit down.


Brandi on a high bar (we could only see her when she was above the bar — this was ALL the way across the gym):
Brandi on high bar

Brandi about to dismount from balance beam:

Lauren on floor exercise (good photos of this were very hard to catch because there were four lines of kids in between us and Lauren, and they’d all go so FAST that we often got pictures of nothing or of other people’s children, etc.):