Reality Check — Progress Report

subtle, but the difference is there

The photo on the left was taken on March 9. Those jeans are a size 10, and I was on day 2 of wearing them. Since that photo was taken (and I saw just how bad it looked — and yes, that pose wouldn’t be flattering for most people since the twist in my torso accentuates the muffin top issue), I have not worn that shirt again except under a jacket, and I have gotten a LOT more serious about my work at the gym. I have been working out in some fashion about 5 days per week, and I’m up to running 2 miles out of 3 when I get on the treadmill now. MAJOR progress, considering that 11 months ago I was on crutches and unable to walk. I’ll take it.

While I have not lost much weight (4 pounds, total), I have gone down a full size. The photo on the right was taken a few minutes ago. The jeans on the right are a size 8, and today is day 1 of wearing them.

I am not even close to where I want to be, but I can see a difference in where I was 6 weeks ago, so I’m encouraged. I know I feel a difference.

If you can tell that I’m shrinking, please tell me. I’m so fragile about the weight gain in the past year (even if it wasn’t something that I could really help, since I was forced to be sedentary by the injury) that I really need to hear positive feedback. Don’t lie to me, but if you can tell, please say something.

Thanks. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reality Check — Progress Report”

  1. That angle is one of the least flattering angles one could come up with.

    Your progress is quite good, and you’re further along than even the recent photo really shows. You’re in much better shape, and I see a big difference daily. Weight is just a number… it’s the size you’re really concerned with.

    I am very proud of you.


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