Found on the Side of the Road

After a wonderful retreat weekend, it was time to take Lissa back to the airport so she could fly home to Colorado. Because of the time change, I was confused about what time it actually was, but Lissa kept track and got us out the door on time. She made it through security and to the gate in record time, and I was headed back home.

On the way back into the neighborhood, I noticed a child’s desk on the side of the road. It’s badly painted and loved, but the structure looked good from my 25mph pass, so I dropped Alice off at home and went back to get a closer look.

It’s oak, with blue underpainting and a sloppy cream-colored crackle finish. UGLY painting job. But the wood is heavy and in good condition. I’m going to go to Home Depot in a minute and get some stripper, I think…

Here it is!

Helen is VERY excited. I’m not sure if I should strip and stain it, or if I should strip it and paint it like her crazy bedroom furniture (which I painted the month before she was born with all of my excessive nesting energy). Either way, I’m just very pleased that I found this desk for her. And you can’t beat the price! Wow! 😀

2 thoughts on “Found on the Side of the Road”

  1. I just came from the “Anvil Tree” and I wanted to stop by to tell you that I have never heard or read a more beautiful analogy of mother’s love than the one you told her about the candles. I have three children, all grown now and I love each one deeply. They are so much fun and I love that I have more than one and that they have each other.

    Thank you for the beautiful word picture, I will try to fill that one under, use when I get the chance.

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