When Jerry’s grandmother died, Helen was almost 5 months old, and she went with us to the funeral and set in a stroller next to the tombstone of her great-grandmother during the interment.

When my mom’s sister died, Helen was 9 months old, and she went with me to that funeral, too. She was a welcome distraction in her 9-month sweetness at a time of sadness. I think we were all glad that she was there, showing us that life goes on.

Shortly after Aunt Georgina’s funeral, I had a dream. It was very vivid, and I remember it clearly — I opened the computer and went to my email, and there was a message from Georgina. She wanted me to know that she was in heaven and whole again, and that she was glad that she got to see Helen at her funeral. And that she had met Grandmommy (that’s what the email said — and that’s what Jerry and his sister called their grandmother) and they had become fast friends. Grandmommy wanted to pass the word that she was safe and happy, and they had spent spent hours talking about their families together.

I hope I get another email soon. I loved that dream.