I LOVE my ponytail right now


My hairdresser maintains that women in their mid-thirties always tend to grow out their hair as a desperate effort to hang onto their youth.

I maintain that women in their mid-thirties are reclaiming their hair freedom now that their babies are no longer yanking it while nursing or drinking from bottles. Just a guess, though.

Anyway. I have been growing my hair out for a couple years now, getting trims every 6 weeks or so (much to Jerry’s chagrin) so that it would stay healthy and shiny. My hair has always been freakishly shiny (such that strangers stop me and ask what I use on it to make it shiny), and I attribute that to three things: first, it grows that way, second, I get regular trims to ward off the split ends, and third, I almost never use a hairdryer on anything more than the bangs (fringe for all you Aussies and Brits reading — lol).

In the past MONTH it has reached the length that brings me Great Ponytail Happiness. All of a sudden.

This is after a day of wearing it up on a ponytail:
Ponytail Happiness


I don’t care if I’m grasping at my youth. I just like it. 🙂 My hair hasn’t been this long since my wedding day — and I don’t think it was this long then, actually. So last time was probably 1992, when I grew it out for the Debutante Ball and then had it cut to chin-length the next day (everyone at the next Deb party asked me if I had been wearing a wig the night before — LOL!)…

I didn’t enjoy it as much last time — probably because I tried to style it more and fought the fact that it is so very straight. Now I’m happy to have super-straight hair. Helen has funky curls at the nape of her neck, and fighting with that (and the resulting tangles) for the past 4 years has made me realize just what a blessing straight hair is.


5 thoughts on “I LOVE my ponytail right now”

  1. We’ve been biking all week. I never realized how much I appreciate being able to pull my hair back — until this week! Three cheers for ponytails!

  2. Your hair looks gorge!

    I’m trying desperately not to cut mine too. I’m not going to be that new mom that cuts off her hair just because her newly-grabby infant keeps grasping onto it. But with that said, it currently looks long and straggly … even highlights won’t fix this mess.

    Your blog is pretty.

  3. I don’t know how I missed this post, but I CANNOT. AGREE. MOAR.

    Yes, it was worthy of LOLness.

    I am trying to grow my hair out because I simply need to be able to throw it back. Even with short hair, guess what?, my baby can still pull it.

    It looks great!

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