Baby Steps

Helen is painfully shy and anxious about talking to people she doesn’t know. This includes people in stores trying to help her.

Today we went to the mall to get jeans for her (since she has sprouted and last year’s jeans are ridiculously short on her), and we had to shop in the GIRLS’ section — sizes 7-16. Very bizarre. Found some really cute jeans for her — Mudd, I think. They fit her beautifully, with a little bit of growing room and an adjustable waist. Yeehaw. And they were on major sale, which was fabulous.

Because she was so cooperative and a great shopper, we went to the cookie company at the other end of the mall. I handed her two dollars and told her that SHE needed to ask the woman behind the counter for her cookie and pay for it. She looked a little worried, but she did GREAT. And she even said “please” and “thank you” without prompting, and was very proud of herself as she walked away with her yummy prize.


Hopefully stuff like this will continue; I don’t want her to be terrified of life, you know?

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps”

  1. So precious. We’ve started doing this with Jack, too. It encourages him (and Helen, too) to find that they control their environment. I’m proud that she did it!!

    In other news, I LOVE this layout.

  2. Size 7 clothes are scary as hell, aren’t they? Mira can’t fit in any other brand but Gap, which is outrageously expensive, in my opinion. But at least they don’t make her look like a baby whore, like some of the other brands in that size!

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