Tension and Release

(I would like to apologize for not writing much lately… I’m creating some digital layouts but I’m submitting them to magazines so I don’t want to post them yet. I might cave later, but for now, I’m just waiting. I’ve also been getting a quilt project ready to quilt, but it’s for a challenge and I can’t post pictures of it until after September 18, when the quilts are shown. So that’s out. And I’m working really really hard on this document for church, and it’s almost done, but formatting documents is boring. Ask Jerry. He’s sick to death of hearing about it. And then my other topics are about knee pain, which doesn’t make for fascinating reading, either. So I just haven’t been writing. I’ll try to be better. Not that I have a crowd of people hanging on my every word or anything, but I do know that a few people read, and a few have griped. So sorry about that.)

Last night we went out to dinner, and then Kelley and Kristen and I went to Starbucks (LOOK OUT, PEOPLE! MOMS on the TOWN!!) to just visit for a while. And we talked about our kids the entire time and Kelley made fun of me and Kristen because of the way we’re both walking. I had my knee scoped on June 12, and Kristen had her knee replaced (ouch — she wins) on June 16. So it was Kelley and the Gimpy Girls.


I paid for so much mobility today. My knee was very ouchy. Stiff. Annoyed. Aleve didn’t really help. Glucosamine (taken yesterday) didn’t really help, and it usually does. I went to the pool this afternoon and kicked around with Helen and Alice for a while, and that loosened it up some, but it was still really hurting.

So tonight I went to water aerobics. It’s the first time all summer that I’ve been able to go, since I was too gimpy or Jerry was out of town for every other time. I managed about 30 minutes of the deep-water workout before it was just asking too much to continue, and I cooled down by walking back and forth across the floor of the pool (four laps) and then stretching with the class. I came home and was able to walk up the stairs one-foot-per-step, without holding on to anything.

Much mo’ bettah.

Tomorrow I have physical therapy again. I’m glad I did this tonight, or tomorrow would have been sucktastic.

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