Helen is obsessed.

I freaking hate princesses. I daydream about taking a meat cleaver to her Barbies and hacking them to bits.

She wants to make a new crown for herself every day, and cries as though we’re killing a puppy when it’s time to throw away the sad and mutilated old crowns.

She wears sparkly floor-length gowns all day long, every day.

And yet she will not brush her hair.

A ratty princess, that one. One day I’ll miss the Princesses phase. One day I’ll long for the innocence of it all. But right now, having to listen to it all day long? Ugh.

Now she wants a waterproof crown that she can wear at the pool. With her goggles.

Did I mention she’s obsessed?

4 thoughts on “Princesses”

  1. Oh we MUST get Helen and Emma together for a play date when we’re there. Two peas in a pod. Emma told me last night that she wants to eat poison so she can fall asleep and her prince will come kiss her and she’ll be happy forever. Ugh. Although, with Emma the sparkly isn’t as important as the twirl factor. Yuck.

  2. Sounds like you have the same problem that I have – except instead of Princesses, mine is SPIDERMAN!!!!
    Check out my blog and you will see!
    Oh, to wear a crown every day! 🙂 You KNOW you will miss it when the “phase” is over!

  3. LOL! I love it! And I’m so glad I have a boy. I realize someday I may have a girl and she may be totally into princesses too, but a bigger part of me hopes she would rather dig for worms than wear tiaras! 🙂

    You know you will totally miss it when Helen is out of her princess phase – just sit back and enjoy it.

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