Dragons – an Alice Story

Tuesday, Alice and I spent the whole day together. This was the first full school day that she and I have had together since that miserable day in February where I completely lost my mind.

It was a WONDERFUL day. We have broken the cycle of destruction, which makes me far happier than you can possibly imagine. I enjoyed every moment of my Alice Time yesterday.

Especially this one particular moment, which still makes me snicker.

After lunch (which she really didn’t eat), I was cleaning up. She came into the kitchen to socialize a little bit before we ran errands (while we waited for Tom to come get the Army quilt), and was just chatting with me. At one point, she made a funny little sound and then spit quite dramatically on the floor.

I just stood there and gawked at her, in an oh-no-you-di’n’t sort of way.

She looked at me, shrugged, and said, “My dragons were in my mouth.”


I waited. She waited. I waited. She waited.

“You’re going to get a towel for that, right?”

“I’ll get a towel to clean that up, Mommy. We don’t spit on the floor.”

“Good girl.”