List of some of my favorite things, in Alphabetical Order:

A – Alice. She makes me crazy sometimes, but I love the stuffing out of this little kid.
B – Bacon. Damn this diet.
C – Chocolate. Dark chocolate in particular.
D – Disney World. 181 Days!!! (But please don’t tell my children yet)
E – Eating, apparently.
F – Fabric. Oh. My. Goodness. I lurve me some high-end quilting fabrics. Batiks in particular. Homina homina.
G – Garnet Hill chinos. They fit me properly. I just wish they’d make them in denim.
H – Helen. She’s the girly side of me, amplified. A lot. So I can channel all of my girly through her.
I – Ice cream. Yeesh, am I hungry?
J – Jerry. He’s my best friend in the world, and the first person I want to tell anything.
K – Knitting. It’s what I do when I’m waiting, or in meetings, or watching TV. It’s restful.
L – Late at night. it’s when I’m most creative.
M – Mom. She inspires me tremendously, because her ideas so frequently spark new solutions to my artistic dilemmas. We’d make a good team. And yet we haven’t ever made a collaborative quilt.
N – Nicknames for my children. I have tons of them, and new ones generate on a regular basis. They amuse me.
O – Ordering things online and then anticipating their arrival. I love those Brown trucks!
P – Paducah. The AQS show is there in April. I’m going in 2 weeks!!
Q – Quilting. It’s my therapy.
R – Reading magazines and books about my hobbies. Very stimulating.
S – Scrapbooking. Digital or Paper — I’m enjoying both about equally right now.
T – Tulips. My favorite flower. They’re blooming right now, and I have tulip envy. Might need to pre-order some bulbs for us to plant this fall.
U – Uninterrupted time to do whatever the hell I want.
V – Victoria’s Secret Secret Embrace bras. They make me look like I have something to support.
W – Wednesdays. Both girls are in school, Jerry’s at work, and I don’t tutor. I have the day to myself, and I try to use it to work on my scrapbooks or quilts.
X – Extra Cheesy Goldfish. These are the Flavor-Blasted ones. Love ’em. Can’t have ’em in the house.
Y – Yarn. The good stuff. No cheap crappy yarn for me, thanks.
Z – Zappos. Their customer service is amazing.

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