Easter Girls

Last year, I was scolded by Helen because their Easter Dresses didn’t have Easter eggs on them.

I decided I would not make that mistake again this year, and have the outrage of a little girl AGAIN.

So I made them each TWO dresses. One has Easter Eggs on it (and they wore that to an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday). With such tall girls, they’re really just tunics; I’ll have to make shorts or capris to go with them so they’re not obscene. They turned out really cute, and I especially like the rick-rack (shut up, Sue. No one wants to hear your opinion about rick-rack. You, too, Jerry. Zip it.). I think it just adds to the whole Easter Egg feel.

After the Egg Hunt

The actual dresses for Easter were a little more involved… Helen helped me design them and pick out the colors, and I went from there. She wanted to LOOK like an Easter egg. Her vision was to have pretty much a sheath dress with zig-zags and strips of pastel colors, but I know how little girls like to spin and I knew she’d be sorry if this dress didn’t spin. So I modified her design and gave them full skirts. These are actually the same pattern as last year’s dress, but with Seminole piecework in the bodice and skirt. Mom made lots of things with this technique when I was about Helen’s age, and I’ve always loved it. My wedding dress had this technique as well. It’s deceptively simple, and very fun to do.

Girls in their Easter Dresses

Silly Faces

They looked fantastic this morning, and loved wearing their dresses. I am going to make a lining for the pieced part of the skirts, just to protect the raw edges a bit. I was pulling threads off of Alice’s hemline all day today — she’s just so rough on her clothing. The bodice is fully lined, so all of those seams are already protected. But I’d really hate it if the skirt piecing got messed up because I didn’t take the extra time to line it. Hopefully I can get to that in the next week.

The most annoying thing (and I’m not really annoyed by it — it’s just funny, really)? People at church kept asking me if Mom had made these dresses. I wanted to jump up and down and say, “NO! I CAN SEW, TOO!” But I was much more polite. “Actually, Helen helped me design them and I made them.”

I was quite proud of my girls today, but I don’t know how I’m going to improve on this next year.


There was a time in my life when I had to have music or some sort of white noise at all times. I’m not that way anymore. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. I’ve noticed that I am my most creative, most productive, when I work in silence. Just me and the hum of the sewing machine, the sound of the rotary cutter, and music or any noise at all breaks my momentum.

Apparently, I’m strange. Most people like to have music playing all the time, as evidenced by huge iTunes libraries and iPods with lots of storage. I use my iPod when I’m running, or when I’m on an airplane, or I hook it up to my car stereo on road trips. I don’t otherwise turn on iTunes or my iPod.

I don’t even notice that I’m working in silence until something breaks that silence — a dog walking in the room, for example, or a cat meowing. Or Jerry or the girls coming home from somewhere. And then I realize that several hours have passed where not a single word was said, no music was played, and it was just me and the abstract thoughts of whatever it was I had been working on.

As a particularly loud person, I never thought I’d be the type to enjoy the silence. But I very definitely am. I think I learned that from Jerry, to be honest. And now he almost always has music playing. I think we’ve reversed roles or something.

Ballet Lessons for Barbie

Ballet for Barbie

Journaling reads: “Helen has been going to ballet for about a month now, and is in a dream world every Saturday. Most Saturdays, she goes off with grandparents right away, but on this day, she stayed with us and taught all of her Barbies what she had learned in class that day. Early February, 2008”

Downloads From ScrapGirls: ABR_SSDLO FrameIt Edgy2 12x12_2, SNU Cinnamon Suede Mesh Heart, SNU SSEmblTemplates Bedazzled (tiara), SG Eternal Love MRE Embellishment Charm, SNU French Market Green Beads, SNU French Market 12×12 Cranberry, VRA Avalon Alpha, CBA SSTools Inked Edges, ASO Ultimate Grunge Brushes. From Designer Digitals: Katie Pertiet Staples, Katie Pertiet File Folder with Clip journaling card freebie. From Memory Makers: MCO Painted Heart, MCO Swirly Que, MCO Wild Sorbet. Fonts are Snell Roundhand and Optima.

Sometimes I can be very funny.

From this evening’s chat with Stacy…

me: I have a Helen funny from last night
are you there?


me: Because you’ll think this is as funny as I did
Helen has a problem with spilling
She is extremely clumsy, and will spill everything
So last night, she was having orange juice with her dinner
she reached across the table and sent the cup flying
Jerry and I both LEAPT out of our chairs to clean it up before it got everything too sticky
(too late.. but anyway)
We kicked both girls out of the kitchen
and were cleaning it up.
Oh — For weeks, we’ve been telling Helen that she’s a World Class Champion Spiller
So we’re cleaning it up
And I said to Jerry
“Do you think that by calling her the World Class Champion, we’ve created an expectation? Like a self-fulfilling prophecy?”
And then I said…
“Or is she–
[wait for it]
A Natural Born Spiller?”
I was proud of myself for a solid half hour

Stacy: roflol
hee hee
i bet you giggle at yourself every time you think about it

me: I do.
And then Jerry and I both looked at the calendar.
“Yeah. March 3rd.”
“It’s gonna be a long month.”
[I have a monthly quota of humor. It always sucks when I hit it early.]