Sometimes I can be very funny.

From this evening’s chat with Stacy…

me: I have a Helen funny from last night
are you there?


me: Because you’ll think this is as funny as I did
Helen has a problem with spilling
She is extremely clumsy, and will spill everything
So last night, she was having orange juice with her dinner
she reached across the table and sent the cup flying
Jerry and I both LEAPT out of our chairs to clean it up before it got everything too sticky
(too late.. but anyway)
We kicked both girls out of the kitchen
and were cleaning it up.
Oh — For weeks, we’ve been telling Helen that she’s a World Class Champion Spiller
So we’re cleaning it up
And I said to Jerry
“Do you think that by calling her the World Class Champion, we’ve created an expectation? Like a self-fulfilling prophecy?”
And then I said…
“Or is she–
[wait for it]
A Natural Born Spiller?”
I was proud of myself for a solid half hour

Stacy: roflol
hee hee
i bet you giggle at yourself every time you think about it

me: I do.
And then Jerry and I both looked at the calendar.
“Yeah. March 3rd.”
“It’s gonna be a long month.”
[I have a monthly quota of humor. It always sucks when I hit it early.]

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