Visiting with Nana

Another digital layout…. Apparently I’m in a scrapbooking binge right now. You think? Don’t worry, quilter friends… There’s a quilt on my wall layered and ready to be quilted. I’m just intimidated. But every day I inch closer to the jumpin’ off place, and I’ll be quilting it soon. And my poor pictures will lie forgotten for a while. Never fear!

Anyway, back to the layout, which is of a trip we took to see Nana in October.

Items used in this one: BHA_Stylize_BrownMesh, DEB_PurpleGold, EHI_Celery, EHI_Sage, KVE_Fuchsia, all from Fonts are Eras Medium ITC for the journaling, and Rage Italic and Wide Latin for the title.

Visiting with Nana

left side

right side

(Oh. There are two typos in the journaling that I have corrected: spelling Colonnades correctly and “stay” instead of “say.” And I’ll get Helen’s red-eye fixed before I print it. Apparently she’s immune to the red-eye tool in Photoshop Elements, because everyone else will be cured and she’ll still look like a demon.)