I participated in a Mystery with my quilt group recently, and we were told to bring 3 yards of a tonal fabric cut into 2.5″ strips. I selected a mid-tone green. Pretty fabric.

The hostess of the mystery is the former owner of my favorite quilt shop, which closed last January. She had tons of strips left over from the shop, so she randomly packaged them into kits for us.

We did the piecing step-by-step together, and didn’t know what the quilt design would actually look like until several hours into the process.

I finished all of the blocks for mine tonight, hoping that it would improve (because with my Evidence of Disease quilt from last year, it DID get more cohesive the more blocks I did), but it did not. I think if I had picked any other color as my main color, it might have been okay.

But this? This is seriously fugly.


This is one unfinished quilt that might remain that way. Gak.

My friends at ScrapShare pointed out that it had the unfortunate bonus of green swastikas in it. Good thing I didn’t choose red, huh?

Anyway… here it is with the blocks rearranged, so as to eliminate the unintentional bigotry:


I still think it’s hideodious, so I offered up the blocks to the first person to send me a message through ScrapShare’s messaging system. Joan is the lucky winner (?!) and will receive these lovelies in the mail shortly.

No harm done… It was a fun mystery to do (I like the pattern, really, minus the swastikas), I had a good time with my quilting friends, I had a laugh on ScrapShare about my unfortunate results, and I’ve found the blocks a loving home.

Long live the fugly!

(Just not in my house)