Finished another purse!

The front, closed (beads at bottom of flap):

Front, opened:
Front pocket

Snap closure of front pocket:
Front pocket snap

Three-quarter view:
Three-quarter view

The back:

What it will hold (shown with a full ream of paper plus a 1.5″ Avery Durable Binder, but it will hold more than that without stressing the seams):

The inside, empty (2 pockets sized for cell phone/lipstick/ipod/whatever and 1 larger pocket sized for a wallet. Pockets are reinforced with double-layers of fabric and interfacing):

Every fabric surface is interfaced internally for durability.

I do have to say that I have NO MORE HOT PINK fabric. Seriously. Only a few little scraps, but very little to actually work with. If anyone orders a purse with pink in it for a while, they’ll be pushed to the back of the line so I can play with some other colors (and restock my pink stash). I’ve made 4 purses in a row with pink, and it’s my absolute least favorite color. I think I’ll make a blue/green one next just for some variety, and send it to a friend who wants a purse but doesn’t care what color she gets.