Up for Air

I have spent the last 12 days of my life with my nose in a book.

Well, books.

Since Sunday the 15th, I have read all seven Harry Potter books. 6 of them were repeat readings, since I felt like I didn’t remember enough to go straight into the last one. Even though my wrists are tired from holding the heavy books and my eyes are tired from reading and my brain is tired from holding all of that information, I’m glad I read them straight through like that. I remembered SO much more detail and got a lot more out of Book 7 than I think I could have otherwise.

I am exhausted from reading 4000+ pages, though. And seriously behind on my quilting and scrapbooking magazines that arrived during this time period.

Helen and Alice are very glad I’m not reading this morning, though.

2 thoughts on “Up for Air”

  1. I’m just starting book two. I doubt I’ll read them that fast but I will read them.

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