Hot off the Scrap Table

Just finished this one tonight!

Alice at almost 3

The phrases are:

“Yay for Mommy! You get a chocolate trophy!”
“These are jammies. I need a WAKE UP shirt.”
“Ohhh… she needs some TAPE.” (When told of Lauren’s broken arm)
“A speed lemon? Can I eat it?” (After a discussion about speed limits)
“Can we watch Me in Wonderland?” (Alice in Wonderland)
“Who you talkin’ about?” (When I hang up the phone)
“Pick me up – my knees are too little.”
“Close my head” (Cover my head – when it’s raining)
Where are your ankles, Alice? “I don’t have any.”
“Mommy, can you unstrangle this?”
“Prinny Please”
“Stakle” (Stable — from the Christmas Creche)
“Makes me feel better”
“Can I look at it?”
“My dragons are sick.”
“No MA’AM, Daddy. NO MA’AM.”

4 thoughts on “Hot off the Scrap Table”

  1. One of my favorites…

    “Alice, why don’t you put your pants back on?”

    “Yeah! That’s a great idea Yiz!”

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