Ear Infection again…

Alice had a fever yesterday, and as I was loading her up in the car this morning to take her to preschool, it was back. So I cancelled all of my morning and early afternoon tutoring, and took her to the doctor.

She has an infection in her right ear, which has always been the Problem Ear. He couldn’t tell if the tube was out or not because there was too much gook in there, but the ear was definitely infected. Her left ear was clear, and he pulled out a glob of wax and there was the tube!

So. We’ll put her on this course of antibiotics and see how it goes… If she gets another ear infection immediately after finishing her antibiotics (as she always has in the past), we’ll go straight to the ENT and skip the pediatrician. I hope she can get through the summer without getting tubes again, though — it would be way cool to be able to teach her how to swim and not have to worry about earplugs or whatever. 🙂

Once again, Alice is completely asymptomatic except for the fever. And that’s only apparent because she’s a little muted and her eyes are a bit watery. But that just means she’s acting like any OTHER almost-three-year-old, instead of being the typical Hell On Wheels that she usually is. Ha!

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