Stupid Sewing Machine

My sewing machine decided to freak out on me this morning.

I was doing some free-motion couching on a purse that I’m making for a friend, and all of a sudden my tension went all weird. And I didn’t change any of the settings from last night or even rethread the machine. It just suddenly got really loopy on the back.

So I turned it off, turned it on (it will arbitratily decide I want to baste sometimes right after I turn it on, so maybe it was arbitrarily deciding I wanted loose stitches? Dunno.). Same problem.

So I rethreaded the needle. Same problem.

Rethreaded the bobbin.

Rethreaded the needle again, just in case I did it wrong the first time.

Changed the orientation of the thread.

Changed thread.

Cussed mightily.

So my machine has an appointment at the repair shop in the morning, and will probably spend the weekend there.

What annoys me? My mom has been out of the country for almost 3 weeks and returns TODAY, and will undoubtedly want to join in here as soon as possible. If I hadn’t put off sewing until TODAY (a little burned out from the Easter dresses, I was), I would have known about this problem and could have been using HER machine while mine was getting fixed. But noooooo.


So. FINE. I’ll just turn my attention towards scrapbooking. Or maybe even my FAMILY (I know, I know. Crazy talk.)…

Who needs a machine anyway?


Know It All

I have an acquaintance (to call her a friend implies that I enjoy being around this person, and I do not) who drives me up the everliving wall with her constant need to import her intelligence and wisdom and experience.

It occurs to me that one reason that this irritates me so much is it is a quality I see (and dislike) in myself. I still think this other person has my know-it-all habits DWARFED, but still.

Something I need to work on.