Likes and Dislikes

As part of a class I’m taking, we had to create two collages: one of things we like, and one of things we don’t like. It was an interesting exercise, because I found that it was much harder to find things I don’t like in magazines. I mean, I’d see something and think, “Hmmm. Not my style” in a home dec magazine or political magazine, but nothing that cried out to be included. So finally I had to start pulling colors and types of quilts/scrapbooking supplies to just fill up the space.

But the Likes? I had to toss several that just didn’t fit.

Things that I like:
Elaine's Likes

Things that I dislike:
Elaine's Dislikes

The “Likes” are pretty self-explanatory, I think…. Let me know if you need clarification on any of them. The “Dislikes…” Well, I had to stretch there. I don’t like music that’s off-key, including when people just can’t help it. Makes me cringe (“On Key-” is on the Likes page, “-and Off” is on the Dislikes). I don’t like the competition I feel between moms — women are OBNOXIOUS. I feel stifled by perfectionism (“Do It Right”). I don’t like floral fabrics. I don’t like high heels. I don’t like pessimism. I don’t like non-functional lumpy stuff on scrapbook pages (like the little shaped eyelets). I don’t care to make traditional quilts, thanks. And I really dislike the pink/brown/spring green fad that’s in right now. What is this, 1965?

Back from Colorado

Our luggage, however, didn’t make the connection in Dallas. We ran from one plane to another, and never stopped moving until we were buckling ourselves in on the second one. So the luggage apparently DID stop moving and didn’t make it here until late last night or early this morning.

We just got a phone call that it should be here by 4:30 this afternoon. Good. Because all my toiletries are in that luggage and I’d really like to take a shower.