Alice got a LOT of Play-Doh for Christmas, and this has been a popular activity after dinner every night for the girls. Much to Jerry’s chagrin, the girls are mixing the colors together. He doesn’t like this. Poor, poor Jerry.

Anyway. Last night, the girls were pounding and rolling and stacking and having a wonderful time, and Helen took a few of the “Zoo Kit” pieces and made a few critters with noses, ears, feet, and eyes. Then, as I quietly read a magazine and pretended to be invisible, she started ripping the eyeballs out of the critters and saying, “My eyeballs! Aaagh! My eyeballs! What are you doing with my eyeballs?!”

I burst out laughing, which of course cause the self-conscious giggle and then all-out guffaw that is common for four-and-a-half. She and I cackled for a full minute, which of course got Alice started, and the three of us had a good laugh, bonding over the Play-Doh.


My eyeballs! Aaaagh!