I could see the wheels a-turning

For Christmas, Jerry bought a large tub of Red Vines. He’s been keeping them in our bedroom closet, so that the girls won’t be able to get to them as easily.

Alice has found them. I think she has Candy Radar. So I moved them to a higher shelf.

This morning, as I was buffing and lacquering and spritzing myself, Alice was trying to figure out how to get to the Red Vines, which were on a shelf level with my shoulders.

She came out into the main room, and found an empty laundry basket. She considered it for a moment, flipped it over, and then climbed up on top of it, reaching as high as she could into the air. Deciding this was satisfactory, she turned it back over and dragged it into the closet, where she repeated the exercise. Not quite tall enough. So she came back out and looked around for something else to help her on her Quest For The Red Vines.

Finding her dinnertime booster seat (which she had brought up to our room for another help-me-be-taller-so-I-can-reach-something-They-don’t-want-me-to-have episode), she dragged that into the closet and placed it on top of the overturned laundry basket. Onto this wobbly mountain of plastic she climbed, finally tall enough to reach the Red Vines….


Mommy thwarted her by moving them higher still, and this time to the BACK of a shelf that she wouldn’t be able to reach even if she were able to stack a tower of chairs to get tall enough.

Sometimes it sucks to be two and have short little arms.

Sometimes Mommies are Mad With Powah.


Driving home from church yesterday, Helen said, “Mommy, I think the world is like a rainbow.”
“Why’s that, Helen?”
“Because it’s just so colorful. LOOK!”

And then she started pointing out all of the colors outside.

Note to people who do not live here: yesterday was grey, rainy, icky. Anything but colorful through the eyes of an adult. But Helen found color everywhere.


Since Thanksgiving, Helen has thrown up a completely disproportionate number of times. The stomach bug has passed through our house three times, getting Helen all three times, Alice and Jerry twice (though very mildly), and luckily sparing me. Each time it comes through, Alice and Jerry have it for less than 24 hours, and Helen gets it for a week or more. Currently, we’re on day 6 of this most recent traverse. I think that with Helen, it initially starts with a virus but then just lingers because of another underlying issue. Not sure what that issue IS, though.

Helen throws up mostly at night after she’s been asleep for a few hours, and is getting to the point where she’s afraid to eat. This isn’t good. And she’s FINE immediately after she throws up. No refractory period, nothing — just wants to run around and play instantly. Which is annoying — I can’t take her anywhere, because it might be a virus. Her life gets canceled because it might be a virus. But she’s fine. Which translates: CABIN FEVER. Helen has been extremely whiny for about 6 weeks now. I hate it.

Finally, I called the pediatrician yesterday to give the “Advice Nurse” Helen’s history. She used to throw up 40+ times per day as a breastfeeding infant until I gave up dairy. She always throws up excessively EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. she gets a runny nose. She’s very very picky and will not drink anything with carbonation (never has), will not drink orange juice (never has liked it), and doesn’t like anything spicy. “Is it spicy?” is a question she asks every time she’s faced with a new food. She’s taken to wearing Pull-ups again on the days she doesn’t feel good because her body is so unpredictable.

She’s had a full allergy workup, and that came back with nothing. So I don’t think it’s allergies. Not sure that we tested for food allergies, though — I’ll have to call the allergist’s office and see.

We now have an appointment with a GI specialist in 2 weeks. So until then, I’m keeping a food/events diary so that when I go in there and he asks what she’s been eating and how often she’s thrown up/had diarrhea I’ll be able to report accurately. I’m not going to try to feed her differently for the next two weeks just because I’m writing it down, so maybe I’ll be able to see what some of her triggers are. I suspect that one of them is chocolate — over the holidays she did have a lot of it. So that could be part of the problem.

Wish us luck. This ain’t fun. And I’m trying not to be the hysterical mother that uses the internet to pre-diagnose her child. I just want the puking to stop.

I haven’t slept well in weeks because I’m either cleaning up from a pukefest or I’m expecting to do so… So I’ve been avoiding going to bed at all because I anticipate having to get up anyway, and I might as well just BE up. Not healthy. I’m exhausted, grumpy, and it’s not like Helen’s doing this on purpose. So then I feel guilty. And every night the cycle repeats. I know that Jerry’s frustrated that I’m staying up so late, but when I just lie there in bed waiting to hear a splatter over the monitor, I’d just rather be awake, you know? And all of this sleeplessness is making getting up in the mornings very very hard.


Parenting is such a joy sometimes.

John Mayer

We’re going to the John Mayer concert in a few weeks. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been reading his blog lately, and he’s funny! It should be a good show. The only thing that worries me is that he gets so completely into it while he’s singing that it might be strange to watch him. Every time I’ve seen him sing (except for on the “Your Body Is A Wonderland” video), he looks possessed. Which, I suppose, he is, really… But it may be distracting. Luckily, our seats aren’t right up front, so we may be too far back to see too much of the weirdness.

He’s still a cutie, though. Must say.

And I just found out today that he’s 6’3″. Ooo. 🙂