2:30 am:

Walls. Yes, more than one.
Pillowcase, through to pillow.
Extra pillow from Dining room sofa that she was using since Alice moved to a Big Girl Bed over the weekend and needed a pillow.
Two sheets.
Mattress pad.
Three stuffed animals.

Missed the bucket that resides permanently on her night table because she has so many freaking issues with her stomach.

The kid is nothing if not thorough.

We are now into week two, round two of this stomach virus. Alice has it, too, to a lesser extent. Fun fun fun.

And just in time for exam week, when it is a Really. Bad. Time. for me to be cancelling tutoring appointments. Especially since I had to last Monday as well.

So now I’m staying up, to finish one load of laundry and start another so that the house doesn’t stink of it for any longer than necessary.

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