Red Blech

I had a Red Bull today after church, after Alice Was Two all the way through Church, Sunday School, and Target.

That stuff is beyond nasty. It tasted like Chloraseptic to me, except without the anesthetic. I missed the anesthetic. I will not be fighting Jerry for the rest of his 12-pack, that’s for sure. And honestly, I feel no difference except that I didn’t need a nap this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Red Blech”

  1. There is only one way to drink that stuff… with a shot of Jaegermeister. And I swear to God, that’s the only way I’ve EVER had Jaeger. It’s called a Jaeger-bomb. You put a shot glass in a regular glass, and then pour Red Bull to almost the top of the Jaeger shot…. I’m giving directions as if you’re going to try it… I’m sure it’s nasty, too. You just don’t NOTICE.

  2. When I have one, I drink the entire thing very quickly. When it’s very cold, it doesn’t have much taste.

    And then I Get Things Done. 🙂

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