Partner in Pain

Ra, this is for you, to let you know that I’m your partner in snot-related misery. I don’t have a screaming baby to contend with, mind you, but I have a nasty headcold of my own and two sick children. So I can relate. Thankfully, we’re on the mend now. But it’s been a very long week.

They’ve both been sleeping with humidifiers, Vicks Vaporizer plug-ins, and Nyquil for the past 4 nights. And they both sound like they have a death rattle when they cough. Superultra nasty. Alice has a lovely habit of blowing her nose straight into her hand, but at least I can rejoice that (so far) she’s not painting with it. Lovely.

Both girls are doing better, and with the barometer dropping tonight as a storm rolls in my sinuses aren’t hurting like they have been for the past few days. So it looks like we’re getting some relief. I hope the change in the weather helps you and Scout out, too. 🙂

Get well soon!

One thought on “Partner in Pain”

  1. I woke up this morning feeling soooo much better. I am still kind of snotty but nothing like before. Thanks for the well wishes…I hope you and the girls feel better soon!

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