Red Hot Chili Purse, and more

It has been a creative weekend here at Messygoat Headquarters….

Yesterday/today I made this Red Hot Chili Purse:
Red Hot Chili Purse

Purse, side view

KelleyBR — your fabrics are in this! The linings of the pockets and the lining of the entire inside are fabrics you picked out for me! Yay! They were PERFECT to use in such big chunks (I didn’t want to cut them up when I had smaller scraps for the other parts)

Here’s a picture of the lining, just to prove it — LOL!


I chose a light lining color so that my stuff won’t get lost in the darkness of the large bag. Helen and I chose the chili pepper fabric, and on Friday she helped me pick out all the other scraps from my stash to go with it. The main black fabric on the front flap was Helen’s idea — not something I would necessarily have grabbed, but it was PERFECT. And I used all of the rest that I had in my stash, and even had to put that green strip in to make it go as far as it did. Helen’s very good with color — always has been. As soon as she was able to walk around in the quilt shop, she’d pull fabrics that went together startlingly well. Granted, fabrics at the Crackhouse generally DO go together pretty well, since Mary stocks her shop with complimentary fabrics, but still. Helen was too good at it too frequently for it to be a complete coincidence.

Anyway. Back to the purse. This is a Barbara Randle Mega/Diaper bag. I meant to make one while I was still carrying diaper bags (and I kinda still am, but time is running out on that), and now with the trend moving towards large purses I just went ahead and made it anyway. It’s large enough to carry all the bulky stuff I need to carry around — like my graphing calculator, for tutoring — without overflowing.

And then, earlier in the weekend, I finished this table runner:

Table Runner

It actually has borders on it now, but I haven’t taken a picture of it yet because the table wasn’t cleared off enough to show all of it. So you’ll just have to wait until you can see it in use at Thanksgiving. (The leaves are fake, by the way — bought at Hobby Lobby and I peeled off all of the fabric stems)

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  1. Awesome! I’m so glad you were able to use your B’Day fabric. And I LOVE the table runner! So cool! Anytime you want to start selling your creations, let me know!

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