I am going through an incredibly selfish time in my life.

There. I admitted it.

It’s all about me. I’m not getting laundry done, I’m not getting the house cleaned up, I’m not getting dinner planned, I’m not spending enough time with my children.

But I am getting lots of quilts done. And scrapbooking. Well, not really scrapbooking, but I’m thinking about it a lot. And I’m spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer (even if it’s not on this blog).

This has got to stop.

This weekend, I vow to get more done around the house — to make the kitchen livable again, to plan meals for the next week or so, and to stop being annoyed when my children want to spend some time with me.

Creative productivity is one thing. Being enslaved by it is not good.

2 thoughts on “Selfish.”

  1. Elaine, you deserve the time to yourself. And I’m a big believer that kids need to find a way to entertain themselves. (Why bother having more than one if you have to play with them all the time?)

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